Artist Statement

We use architecture, our built environment, as our way of relating to nature and to each other. The structures, cities, and places we build are tailored to satisfy very specific purposes and uses. In this series of paintings, Fun House, I’m interested in what happens when the usual boundaries are removed between the built and natural worlds, between residential and urban, and so on. I’m using a mash up of visual images and references from amusement park icons, residential houses and the natural world. In juxtaposing these normally disparate elements, I’m recognizing how we usually organize our lives. I like the memories, emotions, and connections that are uncovered when these normal boundaries are removed. The use of this mixed up iconography comments on our psychology and the fragmentation found in our typical daily lives. I hope to provoke a re-evaluation of our assumptions about the world and how we chose to live in it.

Most of my pieces are acrylic and oil paint on cradled hardboard.   I begin working by hand sketching and using digital drawing, and digital collage to create the imagery and composition in my pieces. Other works use physical collage, i.e. paper and miscellaneous materials, to achieve texture and layering qualities. Regardless, I feel my images are constructed and layered and built and so share a process similar to that of constructing architecture.