Artist Statement

My current series of paintings, Fun House, is inspired by the topsy-turvy attraction found in many amusement parks.  These disorienting, full-of-surprises architectural experiences are completely at odds with how architecture normally serves our needs. 

All of which is, hopefully, great fun.

My personal experiences, background, and interests all combine to provide content for this body of work.  My education included biology as well as art. Work experience as a theme park designer (which included animal habitat design) reinforced that biology interest. And several decades working with architects focused my awareness on architecture’s importance in our relationship to nature and in our countless daily human interactions and the shaping of our experiences.  Elements from these various influences find their way into these paintings.  They are juxtaposed in the Surrealist tradition, creating a psychological world with the spirit of a fun house.

Most of the pieces in this series are done in acrylic and oil paint on hardboard panel.  I begin working by hand sketching and using digital drawing, and digital collage to create the juxtaposed imagery and composition in my pieces. Other works use physical collage, i.e. paper and miscellaneous materials, to achieve texture and layering qualities. Regardless, my images are constructed, collaged, and layered and so are built in a process similar to that of constructing architecture.